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Baby Comfy Nose

Baby Comfy Nose uses your own suction, so it is much more effective than bulb and battery type aspirators.  The design protects you from any contact with mucus and germs, but use a tissue in the body of the aspirator as an absorbent, disposable and free filter. Includes standard and newborn soft nose tips. The mesh pouch keeps all the pieces together in the dishwasher and the diaper bag.  Three color options keeps aspirators separate – great for siblings and multiples. The best nasal aspirator and a better snot trap.

Baby Comfy Nail

Baby Comfy Nail safety clippers have only one blade! The bottom flat plastic ledge pushes baby’s skin back out of the way while the top blade cuts the nail … and only the nail. Baby Comfy Nail won’t cut baby’s skin. The unique ergonomic design makes easier to hold and operate when you don’t want to make a mistake. There’s nothing else like it on the market. Only available from Baby Comfy Care. Trim Tearlessly.

Baby Comfy Gummi

Baby Comfy Gummi with the unique textured surface is teething jewelry that looks great on mom.  Teething is a painful process and chewing on the textured surface of Baby Comfy Gummi relieves teething discomfort.  Babies will grab what is available – often mom’s jewelry – so why not wear an attractive accessory that is safe for baby to chew on? Made of FDA approved, CPSC compliant medical-grade silicon rubber. The lanyard features a quick-release snap.  Please note, this is not a toy and not meant to be worn by baby. Beautiful on Moms.

Baby Comfy Sun

Apparel is the best sun protection and UPF 50+ Baby Comfy Sun Poncho and Sun Sleeves protect your children at the pool and the beach. The poncho covers the shoulders, torso and the back of the neck.  The sleeves protect the arms up to the shoulders. Protect your children from the sun without the use of potentially toxic sun screen lotions. Pediatricians recommend not using chemical sun screens until at least age 2. End the Sun Screen Battle.